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Sheepdog Training & Services

Sheepdog Training & Boarding

We offer sheepdog training from any age up to whatever the standard that the owner would like. Dogs are housed in comfortable kennels and are worked daily.

Our methods have proven successful both in the mountain and in the trial field.

After an assessment of your dog we will offer you the best plan to help you to achieve your dog’s full potential.

Sheepdog Demonstrations

Dogs have been present in the history of humankind, and their help has been essential in the development of agriculture. Border Collies were bred in the border between Scotland and England and were selected genetically for their instinct or will to work. Our modern sheepdog is the result of hundreds of years of breeding and selection.

Their nature is to work, their spirit is to please and help you in your daily farm chores.

In the demonstrations we offer you a glimpse of this fantastic world. Many say that if they weren’t any sheepdogs our civilisation would still be in its early stages. The hills and mountains around us wouldn’t be farmed without dogs. This is their value.

We will share with you how the breed was formed, what traits were looked for, the different types. How they are trained, using their own innate sense of “balance” to the sheep.

You will see dogs in many stages of their training; puppies, started dogs and full trained dogs. We will share with you information about our sheep too! The breeds, the importance of their adaptation to these mountains and much much more.

Demonstrations are carried out in all-weather viewing area.

Duration: 30 mins

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Sheepdog Training Courses & Experiences

We offer the opportunity to experience the life of a shepherd in Ireland. From doing daily chores with our sheep, starting sheepdogs, training them and getting them ready for farm work or the trial field. We can also arrange a circuit of the best trials in the island for you.

We can help you to learn how to train your dog, using our own proven methods.

Lots of fun, sharing and meeting some of the best handlers in the world!

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Schools Demonstrations

The Newport Shepherds are on a nationwide mission to bring farming life and nature back into schools. We are committed to caring for, protecting, and enhancing our nation’s heritage for future generations. Having perfected our skills on the hills of Newport, Co. Mayo and the Andes, our sheepdog training and demonstration business offers a unique experience for your students.

Whether we bring our mobile show to your school or you choose to come visit us on our traditional sheep farm in Deradda, Newport, Co. Mayo, we guarantee a memorable day for students of all ages.

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