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The Shepherds

Paul Walker

I grew up in the Central Andes, Chile, raising goats in the mountains, where dogs are still an important tool for farming them. I started training my first dogs back in 1994. My dream then was to learn how to train a good sheepdog.

After a long career with horses I decided to live my dream and came to Ireland, started buying some dogs and bringing them on and learning from them and many people that have helped me in this journey. I am always fascinated about how important they are in everyday life in Ireland and how they have been part of the history of humankind.

This passion is what I want to share with you..

Alan Moran

Alan Moran is a ‘Hill Sheep’ farmer and new generation sheepdog trainer from Newport Co. Mayo. He grew up around sheepdogs and trained his first dog at 11 years of age.

Alan will demonstrate skills and methods of working a sheepdog which have been handed down from his ancestors. He will explain why sheepherds in this region could not farm these mountains without the help and trust of his dogs.

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